Consultancy Services for Construction of Al Rahma Water Tank & Its Associated Network at Khan Younis.

    • Construction Date: 2010
    •  Location: Khan Younis
    •  Employer: Coastal Municipalities Water Utility CMWU & ANERA funded by USAID
    •  Work Description: Review and tender documentation of detail Design, Tender Documentation and construction management for the Construction of a Water Reservoir and a Booster Station in Khan Younis (5000m3), two boosters station each booster has three pumps with capacity of 300m3/hr at head 50m for each pump and 200m3/hr at head 80m each, in addition to the water wells networks (2.8 km of UPVC 160mm, 225mm &280mm) and other mechanical and electrical works. In addition to the design and construction management for the Installation of Two Main Pipelines for Two Areas in Khan Younis of 7.25 km of pipes (UPVC 355mm & 315mm) at Khan Younis. The Preparation the projects list of materials.
    •  Contract Construction Value: 2,200,000
    •  Category: Structural Design / Infrastructure