Environmental Expert

Mr. Hussam Al-Najar is a Civil Engineer, Diploma in Sanitary Engineering and Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation, M.Sc. in Sanitary Engineering and PhD in Environmental Sanitation. He has worked several years for local as well as international consultancy firms and gained a wide experience in the field of environmental sanitation. Moreover, he has worked as a consultant with several consultant firms and NGO’s in the Gaza Strip funded by World Bank, KFW, EU, Islamic development bank and USAID concerning water and sanitation, wastewater reuse, solid waste management and environmental impact assessments. Currently, he is working as a lecturer at Gaza University teaching sanitary Engineering, irrigation and drainage, wastewater treatment and reuse courses.He has 21 years working experience in the environmental and waste engineering management field. More specifically, Mr. Al-Najar has in-depth knowledge and solid expertise of environmental studies such as ESIA and ESMP for solid waste and wastewater management projects. He has proven experience in the SWM Sector including feasibility studies, environmental and social impact assessments, basic and final designs and tender documents, public awareness and participation projects.Mr. Al-Najar has excellent communication and writing skills and excellent language skills in Arabic (mother tongue) and English, good knowledge of German and basic knowledge of Hebrew.